'Official' Rules for Underwater Wrestling :)

Compiled by Paul W. Cashman, Matt Fraser "Grishnakh", and many others

Last Revision December 9th, 1998

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Mostly for grins, here are the "official" rules for Underwater Wrestling, as they eventually evolved from just plain horsing around in swimming pools. The reason why we adopted these rules (aside from fun and trying to avoid total anarchy) was so we could avoid the notice of lifeguards enforcing a pool's "no horseplay" rule.
  1. The object is to be the last person to surface for air. If two (or more) opponents are locked together in a hold, then all players can surface at the same time for air, then duck under and continue the match without stopping.
  2. Players start either with both feet touching bottom (in deeper pools or lakes) or with both knees touching bottom (for shallower pools and lakes); by prior mutual agreement of all parties. If you're trying to avoid wrestling on the surface, both players might need to start with a half-breath of air so they don't float up too quickly, or you could use some sort of weighting system.
  3. Goggles or (preferably) masks are recommended for safety and 'cause it's just plain more fun. See rule 4.
  4. No hitting, punching, etc. above the neck. No yanking of hair, removal of goggles/masks, eye-gouging, etc. No choking around the neck, mostly because you might be doing your opponent a favor by keeping him from breathing underwater. :) The object of the game is to have fun, not to drown your opponent, so this rule is not subject to amendment under Rule 7.
  5. Intentional kicks or punches to the groin result in forfeit of the match to the victim by the attacker. Accidental low blows result in a draw. Rule 7 can amend this rule with all parties concurring.
  6. Of course, there is NOOOOOOOO................Rule 6.
  7. Rules of Engagement: If all players/opponents agree, the 'rules-of-engagement' can be modified somewhat. For example, 'low blows' can be deemed a forfeit by the victim ('defensive' rules), ignored as a rules violation ('street brawl' rules), or deemed as a draw. ALL players must mutually agree before the start of any match.
  8. Teams can be formed; in this case an outside referee will probably be needed to decide the winning team. Or, you could just play for fun. :)
  9. Yielding: if a player runs out of air before his opponent, he yields the match by going limp, ceasing to struggle, etc.; his opponent -- now the victor -- should then assist him to the surface if needed. If the opponent fails to release the player (doesn't notice, etc.), then and ONLY then can the player use any means necessary to get his opponent's attention or get to the surface.
  10. Last player up for air is the victor. Good luck and have fun!
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